Hume Taylor & Co: Your local Millicent lawyer

Hume Taylor & Co, your local Millicent lawyer, incorporated Hamilton Watts & Co of Millicent and Mt Gambier in 2004.

Originally Adelaide agents for the Millicent practice of Robin Watts, there has been a long history of our connection with the area. Robin remained working for Hume Taylor & Co until his retirement in 2015 and remains closely aligned with the firm.

The Mt Gambier office closed in 2009 to focus our attention on the Millicent office. This includes providing the best possible service to clients within the region, including Mt Gambier, from one location.

Our current Millicent lawyer is Tess Dunsford, who was born and raised in Beachport. Tess comes with extensive experience in firms in the South East, Adelaide and Melbourne. She has an interest in Criminal Law, Wills & Estate Planning, Probate & Estate Administration and Family Law.

Samuel Partridge is originally from the South East, with family still farming in the area, and regularly visits the Millicent office. His expertise in property law, estate and succession planning, as well as business and litigation is invaluable to the local community and surrounding farming communities.

Zoë Thwaites, a Registered Conveyancer and JP, has a long history of working with Hume Taylor & Co and Robin Watts.

Many of our farming and small business and private clients are 3rd or 4th generation clients. Servicing all areas of the South East, including Mt Gambier, Naracoorte, Penola, Southend, Robe, Beachport, through to the rural areas such as Furner and Luncindale. We continue to have strong relationships with local real estate agents, accountants and other professionals.

Why choose Hume Taylor & Co

Clients want to develop a working relationship when engaging a lawyer. But also want a professional advocate who is 100% in their corner. Hume Taylor & Co gives you just that: a local friendly team, backed by experience and expertise.

Whether it is for a will, conveyancing, some expert legal advice or representation, our Millicent lawyers can help you. Drop in and see Zoë, Kylie and Tess at 64 George Street or call us on 8733 2500 to make an appointment for any of your legal needs today.



Telephone: (08) 8733 2500
Email: millicent(at)
64 George Street, Millicent 5280
Facsimile: (08) 8223 1601
We are available to assist you from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday,
but out of hours appointments can be arranged where necessary.