What is the role of a Family Lawyer?

In short, our role is to provide professional advice and support regarding a wide range of issues. These issues include but are not limited to, divorce, children’s living arrangements, property settlements, spousal maintenance, as well as child maintenance. We provide you with advice on potential outcomes and strategies, but ultimately, we will work to your instructions. You are the client and you lead the communications.

At Hume Taylor we strive to make the process as efficient and cost effective as we can. We attempt to remove the emotion of the relationship breakdown, so we can focus on the big issues at hand. We aim to help you determine which battles are worth fighting and which are a waste of your time and resources.

Whilst family law does not have a fit all formula to determine what a just and equitable outcome may be, we at Hume Taylor use our years of experience to provide you with early advice on the range of likely outcomes. We tailor our service to your individual needs, because no family is the same.

Where possible, we will mediate and negotiate issues on your behalf to avoid the timely and costly process of court proceedings.  We endeavour to work collaboratively to resolve matters so you can move forward in your newly separated lives knowing your finances are legally severed and/or there is a care plan or orders in place to promote a positive co-parenting future for your children.

Please contact one of our friendly family lawyers for some advice today. 

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