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Hume Taylor & Co Lawyers have offices in central Adelaide, Millicent & Whyalla. We have eight experienced lawyers, a registered conveyancer, and specialist support staff.

Working across a range of fields of law, we can cater for most legal requirements.

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Many of our clients have been with us for some decades. Corporations, private businesses, and individuals all receive our best attention and each matter. You can rest assured that your matter will always receive personal and respectful treatment.

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We work across most fields of law, from Family to Criminal Law, Wills & Estates including Probate and Estate administration, Personal Injury, Commercial & Business and Industrial Law as well as Conveyancing.


We strive to get you the best outcome within a reasonable time. And rather than charging on a time-basis, we charge relative to the Supreme Court scale, which means greater transparency and lower fees for you.

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We respect the client, other practitioners and the Court. We respect the client’s circumstances and diversity. We listen with empathy and understanding.


We fight hard but fair to win the best outcomes for the client.


We are 100% committed to the client, and are committed to follow through and deliver for the client. We are also committed to the profession.


We are passionate about the quality of our work and our commitment to continuous development.


We work with the client and their particular needs and budget to find a solution that works best for them.


We continually focus on improving turnarounds and reducing cost for the client.

Observatory House – Adelaide 

By Adelaide Writer

This Queen Anne style building on Flinders Street is one of Adelaide’s survivors. It was commissioned in 1906 by G.C.W. Kohler who was an instrument maker. His company made spectacles, binoculars and telescopes – things that helped people to see clearly. The inclusion of the tower was symbolic of these instruments.

Kohler had bought his business from Otto Boettger who emigrated to South Australia from Germany. Before coming to the colony, Boettger had been an instrument maker in St Petersburg in Russia and an astronomer’s assistant in Hamburg. In 1877, he established a successful manufacturing and repair business for scientific equipment in South Australia and by 1890 he was selling his instruments around Australia. He lived next door to the site of Observatory House until he sold his business to Kohler in 1899. Kohler had the House built in 1906 and his family continued to trade under the Boettger name until 1974.

The building is Federation period (1890 – 1915) and is built of brick, iron and cast iron. It features include fenestration, the observation tower and Marseilles tiles. It is state heritage listed and is a significant building because of its connection to German settlers, its original use, and its architectural design. It is currently occupied by solicitors and is not open for general viewing.

Please scroll through the historical photographs to view the building over the years.


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