If you are a low income earner, you still have options to receive high quality legal advice from Hume Taylor & Co. It will not affect the quality of advice or service that we provide you.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss your matter so that we can offer the best solution for your situation. For example we can offer a fixed fee for your matter, or, we may offer to charge you at a lower hourly rate than normal. We may also offer you the option to negotiate a payment plan for your fees.

You may also be eligible to apply for legal aid. We can take on for selected Criminal and Family Law matters on a legal aid basis. You can do this by contacting Hume Taylor & Co or the Legal Services Commission directly.

When you apply for legal aid you will need to provide proof of income, such as Bank Statements, Centrelink Income Statements, Payslips and Tax Returns. If you have a spouse/defacto or are part of a company, trust or partnerships, their finances will also be taken into account in determining your eligibility. If legal aid is approved, you will still be required to make a contribution towards your fees. This will depend on your circumstances, however the minimum contribution is $30.

If you are represented under legal aid you do not have to be assigned any lawyer. You can ask for your preferred, experience Hume Taylor & Co lawyer to represent you when applying, or specify that you would like Hume Taylor & Co to act on your behalf.

It is important to notify us, or the Legal Services Commission, if your circumstances change during the course of your matter.

Contact one of the experienced and friendly lawyers at Hume Taylor & Co today to talk about your matter and the cost options available to you.