With the prevalent use of social media, businesses must now face personal or business disagreements being aired in these very public forums. These may be ex-partners, customers, employees or even business associates. And there’s no doubt that negative, unflattering or insulting comments online may impact business.

While as a small business owner you may want to consider a defamation suit, this is problematic because:

  • You must suffer economic loss, which can be hard to quantify or prove
  • It can be an expensive
  • Court proceedings can be lengthy, and negative posts remain in public view while in progress, unless an injunction is obtained.

You do have other options though:

  1. Report the post/comments to the social media site and they may take them down.
  2. Instruct your solicitor to send a cease and desist letter, which can be a quick and cost effective method to stop unwanted activity.
  3. Obtain an intervention order.

If your business has been affected by negative comments on social media and you want to take action, make an appointment with one of the experienced solicitors at Hume Taylor & Co today.